AiR 351 Residency program in Cascais, Lisbon region, Portugal

31.10.17 | Opslagstavle

AiR 351 is a non profit organization, an independent international visual arts residency program located in Cascais, Lisbon region (Portugal), targeted for artists and curators from all over the world. Its studio based professional development program anchors itself on the thriving local art scene and streches over a national and international network.

AiR 351´s main purpose is to generate critical mass while furthering artistic projects and exchanges. Aware of the country´s geographic intersection position between Europe, America and Africa, AiR 351 aims to become a space of confluence, dialogue and critical thinking.

AiR 351´s praxis follows a collaborative model based on solid one-to-one relationships within the artworld. Its team works closely with each resident on a supportive environment, anticipating and reacting to its needs. Through institutional partnerships, AiR 351´s activities encompass a variety of contexts such as museums, universities and art schools. Through a diverse range of initiatives AiR 351 wishes to bring together the local and international art scenes and continuoulsy extending the residency outreach and creating new possibilities for the dissemination of art. AiR351´s first artist in residence was Gary Hill (Nov. 2016 to Jan. 2017). On 2018 AiR351 will welcome a first series of residents at its entirely renovated premises.

Besides providing private studios, offices and shared spaces to work and gather, AiR351´s residency program comprises:
– regular studio visits and meetings arranged according to each resident´s practice or research topic;
– engaging with the local art scene, especially with artists, curators, gallerists and collectors, through diverse activities;
– exclusive field trips (to art collections, exhibitions, artists studios, ecc).

AiR351´s team will use its best efforts to provide technical assistance.
In addition, according to AiR351´s review and availability residents can also benefit from:
– presenting their work in public events at AiR351;
– extending presentation opportunities outside of the residency premises through the organisation´s partnerships;

Please note:
– Residencies can be exclusively focused on research and dialogue and not necessarily directed towards production or presentation.
– Curators in residence are encouraged to interact with artists in residence, propose and organize events.

How to apply
AiR 351 welcomes application submissions throughout the year and are periodically reviewed. Residencies for artists can last up to 12 months. Nevertheless, a minimum of 3 months is strongly suggested so that artists can fully engage with the arts community, benefit from the resources, opportunities and team support that the program offers.
Residencies for curators may be shorter (1 month minimum).
For more information on how to apply and also about the program fees please visit AiR351 Open Call webpage:

AiR351´s headquarters are located on a quiet residential neighborhood of tree-lined streets and surrounded by public gardens. On a walking distance from the sea, this unique setting is a fertile environment for artistic research and creation. Only 30 minutes away from Lisbon´s city center (20 kms) and the airport, it is also at the heart of the arts district in Cascais. Studios and offices are housed in a 19th century building, a former public school declared as Classified Heritage (Escola Monumento D. Luiz I). Entirely renovated in the beginning of 2017, the building belongs to the City Hall and it was granted to AiR351 for this specific purpose. The entire building and garden are solely dedicated to the residency program. A sense of community is emphasised through these features and also by initiatives such as gatherings where current residents are invited to present their works/projects/research. There is an ongoing library project and residents are invited to contribute with books about their individual practice so that a small library is permanently created and accessed by all.