Arts Council Norway launches Nordic mobility grant 2018

02.08.18 | Opslagstavle

New travel grants for a more inclusive cultural life

Would you, your association or institution like to become better at inclusive work? Are you already working on measures to promote a more inclusive cultural life? Are you curious about how similar in another Nordic country work to promote inclusion? You can now apply for a travel grant.

The travel grant can be used to visit other artist groups, associations or institutions within the Nordic region for knowledge and skills development. The aim is to develop knowledge about successful Nordic initiatives. The project will also promote new collaboration between players who work to include new groups in their institutions and associations. A more overarching goal is to explore the inclusive role of culture in the local community and promote art and culture/ artists and cultural workers from multicultural backgrounds.

An application for a grant can be submitted for up to two persons for travel and accommodation for up to five days in another Nordic country or autonomous region than the one in which the applicant lives. There is no application deadline and the application form is available from 1 August 2018.


Who can apply?

Voluntary organisations, artists and cultural workers running their own projects, cultural institutions and private cultural companies in Denmark, Finland, the Faroe Islands, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden or Åland can apply for a travel grant.

The scheme is part of a project for Inclusive Cultural Life in the Nordic region, which is funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Culture and the Nordic Council of Ministers. The project period is 2017–2019 and the Arts Council Norway is the project manager.

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