Expired: EARTHBOUND Call for Workshops

04.06.20 | Opslagstavle

After the first EARTHBOUND 2018 – The Multispecies Paradigm Shift we are now preparing EARTHBOUND 2020: Weaving with the More-than-Human, September 23rd-25th in Denmark.

EARTHBOUND is an international and interdisciplinary symposium, initiated in 2018, now happening again in September 2020, in both Aarhus town and in rural Mols. We invite our guests on a three-day journey through science, art, interdisciplinary meetings, and changing localities – conceived as an on-going immersive experience. The weaving we propose is about casting light on interdependencies and on the richness of interdisciplinary approaches.

With EARTHBOUND we create interdisciplinary meetings which investigate what the climate emergency does to the worldviews and actions of human beings, in the arts spheres, in research and in other societal areas – inviting artists, researchers and other citizens as well as other creatures to meet. It is our wish that all aspects of human existence can be stimulated, and we can facilitate and embrace the rigorous mind, the sensuous body, our memories, imaginations, losses and longings, as well as make space for spiritual aspects.

EARTHBOUND 2020 (EB20) offers various performances and work-in-progress, talks & debates, video, program on busses, workshops running over three days, and locally produced vegetarian/vegan food. We also offer a fourth Bonus Day for free – the 20 first persons to sign up for this, are the ones who join.

CALL FOR WORKSHOPS – for artists from or based in the Nordic countries
As part of EB20 we want to offer all participants to join a workshop, which runs some hours each of the three days.
– A maximum of 20 participants will attend one workshop each, deepening the work in their group.
– There will be a total of five workshops, and two-three of these must be able to run outdoors in Danish September-weather.
– Themes and content should be in line with the curatorial considerations shared in this text below and online – and the approach preferably interdisciplinary, or at least lead so that both artists, scientists and people with other experiences easily can partake.
– The workshop leader should be from one of the Nordic countries or resident in one of these.

– Each workshop leader will have their participation at EARTHBOUND for free, as well as receive a fee.
– Each workshop runs 1,5-2 hours each of the first three days.

We will choose five workshops and three of these must be able to function outdoors. Please send us:

* 1 A4-page about your idea for content, structure, etc. A hunch is ok, if some of the idea is clear.
– Optional: A few video links to your previous work.

* A short biog (max 350 characters).
– Optional 1 page cv, if you find your 350-biog too short for us to get to know you.

* A photo which you would like used in the program, if we choose to work with you.

Please send us your proposal, latest by June 15th, 2020 to Maja Ravn: info@secrethotel.dk
We give answers by June 25th, 2020.

We are carefully following the Covid-19 situation, the latest information from our government and what happens in other countries. As of now, late spring, we hope to run as planned this September.

Contact us, if you have any questions in this regard.

Why the interdisciplinary approach? Because when art, science, activism and other forms of activity meet in a shared space a lot of learning is possible. These areas of human activities see and approach structures differently and use different methodologies, and when the spheres meet with curiosity, creativity and rigour a lot of new knowledge and crossfertilisation can happen.

EARTHBOUND is consciously focused on designing our program so that forms resonate with content, and hence traditional symposium-formats are challenged. We wish to investigate certain questions from various perspectives, not expecting to find all the answers. As a curator of EARTHBOUND and in her artistic practice, curator Christine Fentz is curious about the following:

– How can we approach ancient wisdom with new wisdom?
– What (abilities) have we lost, in the Western or modern world?
– How can we relearn?
– How can artists make genuine impacts on the climate emergency debate?
– How can artists and scientists collaborate as equals?

There is an increasing emphasis on and number of gatherings focusing on climate crisis-related issues, and this is good: We do see a paradigm shift, embracing the more-than-human. We wish to enhance the consciousness of how we are all interlinked, and we believe interdisciplinary meetings can strengthen this: We hope the we as hosts with our artistic knowledge about the human body and mind will positively affect the meetings and exchanges at EB20. This is our wish so that all aspects of human existence can be stimulated, and we can facilitate and embrace the rigorous mind, the sensuous body, our memories, imaginations, losses and longings, as well as make space for spiritual aspects, acknowledging other types of presences.

Confirmed contributors to the symposium by now are: Professor Jane Bennett (US) – author of “Vibrant Matter”, Senior Scientist César Enrique Giraldo Herrera (COL) – author of “Microorganisms and Other Shamanic Beings”, Andreas Roepstorff (DK) – leading professor at Interacting Minds Center, Aarhus University, Tuomas Rounakari (FI) – musician, Parnuna Egede (GRE) – biologist, Gudbjörg Jóhannesdóttir (IS) – philosopher.

We encourage slow travelling to this event, and if you MUST come by plane, do please only fly to Aarhus Airport if on a direct flight from your departure airport. If you instead arrive at Copenhagen Airport Kastrup, there are direct trains leaving from the arrival hall to Aarhus train station; travel time approx. 3 hours, 30 minutes.

EARTHBOUND is organized by Secret Hotel in collaboration with Interacting Minds Center – Aarhus University, Aesthetics and Culture – Aarhus University, Aarhus Performing Arts Platform.

EARTHBOUND is supported by Central Denmark Region, Danish Arts Foundation, The Municipality of Aarhus, Aage & Johanne Louis-Hansen Foundation, European Region of Gastronomy, Aarhus University, Nordic Culture Point, ARoS Museum of Modern Art, Kulturprinsen and Secret Hotel.