Expired: HUNTENKUNST: a Major International Art Manifestation in Holland

04.09.19 | Opslagstavle

On the 15th, 16th and 17th of May 2020, the 28th edition of the Huntenkunst art festival will be held in the beautiful SSP Hall in the village of Ulft. Huntenkunst is a combination of art exhibition and art fair, offering a stage to a wide variety of styles and techniques currently seen in the world of contemporary visual arts.
Each year, around 230 artists from different countries around the world present their work in person against the white backdrop of their individual display unit. The physical presence of the artists themselves at the event adds much to its allure, judging from the large number of art enthusiasts from the Netherlands and abroad who are attracted to the event each year. Every year a country is selected to get extra attention. Next year the artists of Estonia will be highlighted. (In 1999 was Danmark featured at Huntenkunst.)

Held in a large hall of no less than 5500 m2 of exhibition space, Huntenkunst prides itself on its vintage industrial location, which is a national heritage site known by the name of SSP Hall. Inside, you are welcomed into an atmospheric art village where artists and members of the public meet, connect and inspire each other.

Display units are charged at € 160,- each. No commission rates apply to any sales at the event. Huntenkunst strives for quality and applications are submitted to a strict balloting procedure. The deadline for the ballot is 1 October.

To participate in the ballot, please submit a USB stick or CD with a copy of your work and your resumé to:

The ballot committee of Huntenkunst
Dierenriem 11
NL-7071 TJ Ulft
The Netherlands

For further details please call us on:
0031 315 681961
0031 6 23456 476

or visit our website:


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