Expired: Kone Foundation’s 2018 grant call

03.09.18 | Opslagstavle

Kone Foundation’s 2018 grant call will be open on 1–15 September. The applications will close on Saturday, 15 September at 4 p.m. EEST. Please submit your application through our online application service, and prior to applying, please read through our guidelines carefully.

Kone Foundation awards grants for research, art, and projects combining the two. In the selection process, emphasis will be placed on initiatives that are multidisciplinary and diverse and which challenge their topics from a new, critical perspective. We encourage applicants to engage in diversified projects that combine art and research, as well as collaboration between journalists and researchers.

This year we have highlighted the thoughts of our anonymous grant review specialist. Please see the video ‘Step into a reviewer’s shoes: tips for grants‘, and follow us on social media in order to get more tips (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).


Kuva / Image: Emmi-Riikka Vartiainen / Napa Agency