Danish Visual Artists is the largest association for acknowledged visual artists in Denmark.

Billedkunstnernes Forbund (BKF)
Danish Visual Artists
Vingårdsstræde 21, 1.th.
1070 Copenhagen K

Tel: +45 33 12 81 70
Email: bkf@bkf.dk

Year of etablishment: 1969. Billedkunstnernes Forbund was established as a fusion between a number of different organisations for visual artists, i.e. sculptors, painters, graphic designers etc.

Aim: To influence current policies in a way that enhances economical and social security for visual artists. To enhance the use of – and respect for – visual art in as many ways as possible, and to protect artistic freedom in general.

Services – a few examples: Billedkunstnernes Forbund offers its members legal advise in economic and social matters, practical help in transporting artwork to exhibitions (members can borrow a minibus in connection with exhibitions), exposure of artworks and individual contact-info at Billedkunstnernes Forbund’s website www.bkf.dk, use of a number of different artist-residencies inside and outside Denmark at very low costs, free access to many Danish museums and cultural institutions.

Furthermore, Billedkunstnernes Forbund is continuously involved in political lobbying at both national and international levels and has on several occasions been succesful in influencing legal grounds of cultural policies.

Number of members:  Approximately 1400.  Billedkunstnernes Forbund is the largest association for acknowledged visual artists in Denmark.

Organisational structure: Billedkunstnernes Forbund has a board of nine members, elected by all the members of the organization, who also elect the association’s chairman (he or she is a member of the board). Furthermore, the association has eleven regional bodies throughout the country, that primarily work to influence local politicians and establish artists’ workshops and co-operation with local museums and exhibition halls.

Cooperation: Billedkunstnernes Forbund cooperates with all relevant national cultural institutions and authorities. Internationally the organisation is represented in i.a. International Association of Art (IAA).

Entry qualifications: Billedkunstnernes Forbund has a detailed set of entry qualifications – to become a member you must be able to document a serious amount of acknowledged artistic activity, or you must have a graduate degree from an acknowledged art school /art academy.

Communication with members: Newsmails, news and debate on the website www.bkf.dk, and “Billedkunstneren”, a critical, quarterly magazine on current art politics and artistic trends in and outside of Denmark.

Means of representation: Billedkunstnernes Forbund is represented in local and governmental funding committees and organizational structures, in several boards at museums and cultural institutions on a national level, and in the umbrella-organisation for all Danish artists’ organisations, Dansk Kunstnerråd (Danish Artists’ Committee).

Last update: August 2. 2017