Expired: Open call: Air-Kjerringøy residency program

02.02.22 | Opslagstavle

A new Artist in Residency program
3 x 6 weeks for 9 artists

International, interdisciplinary and artist run
Organized by Kjerringøy Land Art Biennale and Kjerringøy Art Base Camp AS

Air-Kjerringøy makes it possible for professional visual artists, musicians, authors and others, working in any media to stay here and work for 6 weeks. The residence is situated at Kjerringøy in Bodø, Northern Norway above the polar circle, 67°49’ N and 14º 89’ E. The project is artist run an has no accommodation of its own. This year we rent Kjerringøy Prestegård and turn it into a residency with both living and working areas for 3 persons.

International Residency 2022:
International Artists are invited to apply and come to the stunning region of Kjerringøy, Northern Norway. 

NB: There can be changes due to the Covid-19.  We follow the Norwegian Health Department’s guide lines and local authorities. It can be National.

Residency periods for 3 x 3 artists duration 6 weeks:
29th August – 9th October
+ 17th October – 27th November          
Application date: 19 April 2022
The ambitions is to establish a new AiR locality with a large space for working and our own housing.
Since last AiR in 2020, we have establish new connections as well as we continue to work with our existing partners. We will show and communicate your art to the people in this region, and give international artists a beautiful experience, inspiration and fruitfull working prosesses, in the exciting island of Kjerringøy.
Accommodation and work
This time we rent Kjerringøy Prestegård as residency. 1.st floor with 3 big bedrooms, as possibly study, and hall and the bathroom.
​Ground floor; entrance, hall, eating kitchen and living room, and toilet with washing machine, 2 high lofted studios to share downstairs (we have a ceramic killn and a graphic press).
Prestegården is close to the food-store, church, school and kindergarten, Kjerringøy Tradingcenter, hotel, harbor and museums. Nature is never far, and marked hiking trails are close. We anticipate that artists will be inspired by the ethos of the Kjerringøy Land Art Biennale and interact with the natural environment.
We rent a local meeting house were you can arrange courses if you like, in drawing, painting f.ex., make an exhibition or a performance for the local public.
As we have a farm and have available other spaces for bigger works, as all kind of hand tools and machines for wood and steel.We promise a peaceful working environment, in a most attractive and stunning area of Northern Norway. Get inspired from all over Kjerringøy with its museums, wild nature and wildlife. We have agreements for use of a spacious outdoor area in Nevelsfjord where you can make physical work in and with nature. Economy
We have secured funding for accommodation and workshop area.
We give you travel aid, for the less expensive and nature friendly way of travel. Inform us if you have an expensive travel.
We have funding for artist fee. NOK. 5000,-
If You do this:
One workshop day with classes from Kjerringøy school. 1-10th. grade.
You will get payed NOK. 5000,-
One Artists Talk in Bodø Kunstforening and/ or lokal
You get payed NOK. 2000,-​You can also apply local authorities f.eks. in order to cover travel costs and other.
Nordisk kulturfond: https://www.nordiskkulturfond.org/soeg-stoette/There must be at least 2 artists during the same period.