Expired: OPEN CALL: Danish artists working with sculptures – Les Lapidiales France

21.10.21 | Opslagstavle

The association LES LAPIDIALES is organizing a 2022 open call for projects, concerning the creation of 8 works in situ for a 45 days in the presence of the public on the theme: “Civilizations of the Baltic Sea”.

“The galaxy of standing stones”

Every year more than 100,000 visitors discover 80 monumental sculptures executed by hand by artists from four continents and fifteen different countries.

A site-event that has no equivalent anywhere in the world: in a field of 365 megaliths dedicated to the cultures of the five continents, it is about tracing routes of raised stones spread over the entire territory, encouraging a new approach to its landscapes. Taking up the principle of Unesco’s “proclamations” for the defense of the oral and intangible world heritage, “The Galaxy of Standing Stones” highlights a culture every year, dedicating several megaliths to it, which are witnesses of this culture.
By organizing events around a chosen culture (exhibitions, readings, concerts, shows, etc.) “The Galaxy of Standing Stones” strengthens the social bond within the framework of a movement of openness to the diversity of cultures as well as to contemporary creation…

In order to promote the cultures of the countries that surround the Baltic Sea, we would like to be able to welcome a Danish artist.


• Each artist will have to propose an original work on this theme.
• The dates for the creation residency run from May 15 to September 15, 2022.
• The material supplied to the artists is a fine limestone (Thénac or Migné). The stone blocks measure H: 230 cm x 0.80 cm x 0.80 cm. They are placed on plinths (Avy stone) measuring: H: 0.80 cm x 120 cm x 120 cm. Thought vertically, the realization of the works will take place at the site of the Lapidiales and around the stone of Crazannes, whatever the weather conditions.
• The artists will carry out their project on site and in the presence of the public.
• They will only work with hand tools, excluding any machine, whether electric or pneumatic.
• Each sculptor will devote a minimum of 5 days a week to his work. However, they are asked to work at weekends.
• The artists are invited to answer questions from the public who have come to meet them, thus contributing to the animation of the site and to the discovery of their art.

• The artists will sign a commission contract with the association Les Lapidiales. At the end of their residency, each artist will sign a rights assignment contract with our partners: the “Cœur de Saintonge” Community of Municipality and with the Department of Charente-Maritime.


• Each artist will present a detailed project taking into account the theme of the year and the dimensions of the stone.
• The artistic commission of the Lapidiales association will choose among the projects the 8 that will be selected for 2022. The association may, if necessary, ask the artists to modify their project in order to make it compatible with the duration of the residency.
• The decisions of the artistic commission are final and will be communicated personally to the candidates at the beginning of January at the latest.


• A lump-sum allowance of € 6,200 including taxes will be awarded to each artist selected. The payment of the allowance will be made by bank transfer. Depending on the case, it will be possible to pay advances on this allowance within a limit of 50% (€ 3,100 at most).

• The Les Lapidiales association and its partners cover the cost of: – The stones and their transport to the sites,
– Scaffolding and part of the hand tools,
– 6 weeks Accommodation,

– The provision of a bicycle for the artist’s close trips.


To participate in this call for applications, the proposal must be sent by email (PDF format only and all the elements grouped in a single PDF) to the Lapidiales at the following address: contact@lapidiales.org

Along with an artistic file containing recent works, an up-to-date CV presenting the artist’s background, as well as a note presenting the artistic process are required.

More information: lapidiales.org
For information in english read the pdf-file here.