OPEN CALL: Collaborative family residency

25.11.21 | Opslagstavle


July 21 – August 9 (7-19 days, flexible start and end dates)
Required dates: Saturday, July 30 – Saturday, August 6

This is a new invitation for families to apply for our residency program as collaborative units. Artists may collaborate with members of their family of origin or chosen family. We welcome family members of all ages and abilities to experiment with collaborations of all kinds.

Nominate someone for this opportunity.

The former boarding house on our second floor that resident artists stay in was originally composed of four family units. We took this as a cue to invite four families to stay at Elsewhere next Summer. Elsewhere’s new(ish) directors, Matthew Giddings and April Parker, are both parents (both have a Juju) and are working to cultivate a truly intergenerational space in the museum.

Anne Wu (‘20) and Eva Wǒ (‘19), parent/adult-child family and Elsewhere alumni, are being tapped to help shape the experience. Our residency will be in dialogue with thought partners across the field such as Chicago’s Cultural Reproducers, who have agreed to play an advisory role.

Applications are due Monday January 3rd by 11:59PM EST.
Our free application requires having or creating a Gmail account, written responses to questions, and uploading of a PDF (CV, references, work samples).

Elsewhere is a living museum, international artist residency, and collaborative learning laboratory built from Sylvia Gray’s three-story thrift store and her 58-year collection of material culture and surplus.

Elsewhere’s mission is to support site-specific experimentation, social action, and interdisciplinary collaboration in order to foster new ways of thinking and doing, the exploration of context and place in artistic creation, and the integration of creativity and life. Our vision, “with people and things, we build collaborative futures,” is both practical and utopian, believing that everything we do through Elsewhere is creating the futures we need.

We are situated in the center of downtown Greensboro, North Carolina, surrounded by restaurants, shops, venues, and other organizations, and in close proximity to historically under-resourced and redlined neighborhoods.

Right up the street is the International Civil Rights Museum that commemorates the Greensboro Four who started the sit-ins in the 1960’s and have ourselves been a critical site for supporting contemporary movement work of Black Lives Matter, Queer People of Color Collective, and other groups. Greensboro was at one time an international hub for the textile industry and is in recent decades hosting growing immigrant communities. The city was founded by Quakers and boasts 5 universities and colleges, including A&T, the largest HBCU in the country, and Bennett College, a small Black liberal arts college for women. We have partnered with nearby downtown arts magnet high school Weaver Academy and Experiential School, who uses downtown as their campus. Our proprietress, Sylvia Gray, was a founding member of the local synagogue and regularly fed groups of Guilford College students when she came home from the shop.

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