Open Call: Digital America

08.02.23 | Opslagstavle

About Digital America

Digital America is an online journal that focuses on digital art and culture. The journal was founded in 2012 when a class at the University of Richmond that happened to be also be called “Digital America” decided to toss the syllabus and focus on creating an online journal for misfit work. Since that small act of academic rebellion, the journal has grown from a student-focused publication to a mature online arts journal with an international audience. Our team publishes issues biannually in November and April.

Over the past decade, our focus remains on work that thrives in the browser frame. We celebrate experimental internet art that may never live in a gallery, and we look for new perspectives on popular culture, digital culture, and art. Each semester we continue to challenge and expand our mission: to provide a welcoming outlet for innovative work in the digital sphere for established and emerging artists alike



Digital America is interested in pushing the boundaries of online publishing. We publish an array of digital art, internet art, design, and critical essays that question, analyze, and/or hack the tools of digital culture. You can submit work independently to (see guidelines below). Selected work is either published in our fall issue (November) or our spring issue (April). If you’re curious if your work would be a good fit for the journal, we suggest taking some time to read through the last few issues. We promise it’s time well spent.


What gets us excited

Multi-media, film, audio, and new media pieces that engage digital art and/or culture with an eye toward the American experience. We encourage creative responses to these parameters as we understand the complexities of engaging “America” in a global, networked world.


Formats that make us happy:

Send all contributions to

Please include a title page or title card with the author’s name, age, location, and (if applicable) university, plus an e-mail address to which edited text and correspondence will be sent.

In a separate document, please include a short bio with either a bio image or a representative image for the submission (high res images only).

Please include two to five keywords or tags for searching online (preferably not words already used in the title).

Also, please adhere to our standard naming conventions: lastname_firstname_genre

  • Audio, film, images – 300 dpi .jpeg file for images. MPEG, MOV or Quicktime file for films or a link to YouTube, etc. High quality MP3s for audio files.
  • Web-based submissions- Must be secured; in the format https://
  • Artist bios – Three Sentences: 1) artist specialization and primary works 2) artist current position and/or degree 3) artist’s other featured works or exhibitions
  • Commentary – 400-1200 words. Word document, double-spaced. Chicago Style. All commentary should be the sole opinion of the author.
  • Texts – 400-5000 words. Word document, double-spaced. Chicago Style.


Read more about Digital America and dive into their past issues on their webpage.

Picture: Motion Studies by Keaton Fox.

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