Expired: Open call: FAIR residency Copenhagen 2018-19

08.05.18 | Opslagstavle
DEADLINE: 4 June 2018 (closing time for applications: 4 pm CEST).

About FAIR

FAIR is a residency program at FABRIKKEN for Kunst & Design for artists and curators residing in the Nordic and Baltic countries. FAIR welcomes early career artists and curators, who wish to further and challenge their practice in a generous environment of early to mid-career artists.

The FAIR residency program welcomes 3-4 artists or curators a year for a duration of 3 months each. The FAIR guest receives a monthly grant of minimum 5.000 DKK (approx. 670 EUR), travel expenses to and from the home country (economy only), shared accommodation in Copenhagen, and a large private studio at FABRIKKEN.

The program responds to the individual artistic or curatorial practice of the resident, and preparatory skype meetings between the program manager and the artist/curator will be conducted before arrival to maximise the value of the residency.

Applicants are asked to submit a proposal for an artistic or curatorial research project. The project should contribute to developing new knowledge and insight into the field in question. The project should be new or recently initiated and of a high standard with regards to content, coherence, and expression. The resident will receive active mentoring and support during the residency.

FAIR connects the resident with Danish artists and other art professionals through meetings, openings, and other professional and social events. During the residency, a public event is organized in collaboration with the program manager.

Applicants are encouraged to motivate their decision to apply for a residency in a Danish art context.

FABRIKKEN / The Factory of Art & Design foundation

FABRIKKEN is a not-for-profit art institution that provides studios and work spaces for around 70 professional artists and designers. FABRIKKEN is guided by the spirit of community and resource-sharing, which is nurtured through an event program and the all-important communal Wednesday lunches.

In addition to the studios, FABRIKKEN contains a 1.000 m2 production space, which is used for artistic production, exhibitions, and events.

For information on the immediate artistic context that residents will be part of at FABRIKKEN, please visit About The FactoryArtist, Designers or Workshops.

Application procedure and criteria

To be eligible for a residency, the applicant must be a professional artist or curator and reside in one of the Nordic or Baltic countries (Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Greenland, the Faroe Islands, Åland, Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia). The program does not accept applications from Danish nationals or residents of Denmark.

A jury consisting of artists and curators assesses the applications.


There is no application form; however, only applications that meet the required criteria above and respect the guidelines below will be taken into consideration.

Applicants can expect a reply by late June 2018.

The application is sent by e-mail to the program manager at mb@ffkd.dk

Application content

Apply by sending one multi page .pdf (max 6 MB) that includes:

A) Presentation of the curator or artist’s practice, project proposal and a research plan (max. 2 p.)

B) Motivation for applying for a residency in Denmark at FABRIKKEN

C) A current CV with link to the applicant’s website (max 1 p.)

D) Image documentation of previous projects (max 5) in order of priority with the relevant links (one per project)

E) Preference for time (3 consecutive months within 15 August 2018 – 15 August 2019), preferably including one alternative

F) The applicant’s contact details including address, phone number and/or skype identity

NB! As a resident, a local artist or curator will host you, and you will have access to a private bedroom but share kitchen, bathroom etc. The FAIR program does not offer accommodation to anyone beyond the successful applicants (i.e. family etc.). The FAIR residency program is subject to funding. Artists/curators accepted into the program will be informed of potential changes to the program as early as possible.

Please note the following guidelines regarding your application

It is advised that all the supporting material is stored online and can be accessed via links as mentioned above. Please ensure that the links do not expire before you have received the decision of the jury. It is advised to use tools such as YouTube, Vimeo etc., so that downloading isn’t required to access the material.