Open Call: Kunsthalle Seinäjoki, Finland

22.03.23 | Opslagstavle

About the Call

Kunsthalle Seinäjoki (FI) announces an open call for the exhibition program. The call is open from 15 March to 19 June 2023. Based on the applications, one exhibition will be selected for the program in the Vintti exhibition space for 2025. We accept exhibition proposals from artists, working groups, and curators that engage in an ambitious and challenging dialogue with the context and spaces of Kunsthalle Seinäjoki. In this call, we wish to emphasise our hope to receive applications from artists who can offer diverse perspectives shaped by their lived experiences of social, environmental, and structural inequities in the world. The exhibition ideas that come through the call will also be considered for future program planning at Kunsthalle Seinäjoki.

The founders of NO NIIN Magazine, artist and curator Elham Rahmati, and artist and writer Vidha Saumya are joining the jury of the call as visiting evaluators. In addition, curator Sanna Karimäki-Nuutinen and producer Pii Anttila will participate in the selection process from Kunsthalle Seinäjoki.

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Applications are sent using a Webropol form

Deadline is June 19th 2023

About Kunsthalle Seinäjoki

Kunsthalle Seinäjoki is located on the Western coast of Finland in a town with 65,000 inhabitants. The program includes exhibitions, public art, and a diverse array of other activities. Since 2020, Kunsthalle Seinäjoki has implemented an innovative exhibition program in the art and culture centre, Kalevan Navetta.

New developments in contemporary art, the unique exhibition spaces, and urgent questions arising from the surrounding countryside and the urban-rural setting provide a broader context for the curatorial practices at Kunsthalle Seinäjoki. The interests stem from both the present-day and historical aspects of the building and the surrounding area while seriously asking what the countryside means for the future, locally and globally. Approaches towards issues or ways to engage with the context may arise from aesthetic, social, cultural, ecological, or other modes of inquiry.


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