Expired: RESHAPE. artists remodeling art system bottom up

22.01.19 | Opslagstavle

We are looking for artists and cultural workers who have tried and managed to devise alternative models of working together or have engaged audiences in innovative ways.

Do you know one? Spread the word! Are you one of them? Apply!

You can apply to join one of 5 teams in developing transnational and experimental tools for supporting contemporary art practices, or;

You can apply to take part in the Forum where artists and cultural workers will discuss experimental practices around Europe and Euromed region, or;

You can send us info about your work and become a part of the Directory of experimental practices.

Attention: deadline for applications ‘reshapers’ is 31 January 2019!


RESHAPE brings together artists and art workers who develop new models and structures for contemporary art from the bottom up. Experiments with innovative models are being carried out all over Europe and its external borders South and East. By bringing these initiators from the various Euro-Mediterranean regions together over a period of 3 years at regular intervals, knowledge is exchanged and models and ideas are developed together, as blueprints for the future.

An ideal opportunity to learn about inspiring initiatives, to give a boost to your own models with peers, and to create the models of tomorrow together.

The selection of candidates is done through an open call. Candidates indicate in which topic they are interested: art and citizenship, fair governance, the value of art in the social fabric, solidarity, and transnational arts practices. The idea is to make a working group of eight people (we call them Reshapers), a diverse group of people with a proven experience in these topics.


ACT (Bulgaria), Alt Art (Romania), Artemrede (Portugal), Arts and Theatre Institute (Czech Rep), British Council, Bunker (Slovenia), East European Performing Arts Platform, Flanders Arts Institute (Belgium), Goethe-Institut Barcelona, Onassis Foundation (Greece), Onda (France), Pogon (Croatia), Pro Helvetia, Danish Arts Foundation, Ettijahat (Lebanon), Eunic Global, Performing Arts Fund (the Netherlands), Frame (Finland), Mondriaan Fund (the Netherlands)


More info can be found on the RESHAPE website.