Expired: Residence program in Chile: The Valley of the possible

20.11.19 | Opslagstavle

Valley of the Possible invites all artists, scientists, activists,
agriculturists, botanists, chefs and other thinkers and makers with an
interest in agriculture, food systems and biodiversity to apply for our
research program and residency period from 17 April -30 May 2020 in the
Chilean Andes.

In May 2019, our initial pilot project began to
articulate all the various layers in which the valley is situated,
including its historical, social, ecological, geographical and political
contexts. Based on that exploration and its outcomes, we now direct our
second research program to focus on the creation of regenerative and
reciprocal knowledge-sharing, departing from the natural order of things
and guided by local and Indigenous ways of interacting with the biotic

Ansøgningsfrist den 1. december 2019

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NB! Stedet /opholdet lever umiddelbart op til Statens Kunstfonds projektstøtteudvalgs formelle krav for støtte til recidencyophold, og hvis man er blevet optaget, vil man derfor kunne søge puljen Ophold på udenlandske residencies (Billedkunst)