Expired: OPEN CALL: Utopias Lahti 2023 Visual Arts Festival

12.10.22 | Opslagstavle

We invite artists, researchers, collectives and anyone working with mediums that manifest in visual forms to envision new horizons for the future with the theme GETAWAY.

The selected artists/collectives will have their work exhibited in Lahti at the Utopias Lahti 2023 -festival in May 2023.    

Open Call: GETAWAY 19.9.–20.11.2022

A getaway can be taken to mean denial and temporary respite, a privilege to momentarily close your eyes from unbearable conditions – but inevitably returning to them. A getaway can also be a more permanent state of transition. The decision to get away means a refusal to take part in prevailing political, social or economic conditions.

In states of getaway, tools are created for evading and changing these conditions. Getting away means imagining otherwise, struggling for an alternative future and building spaces with others for prosperity outside of existing systems and institutions. We believe the power to create lasting change is brought about by these getaway practices and the collective experiences of solidarity harboured in them.

Sustainable and equitable futures demand us to untangle ourselves from current political, ideological and social systems. The theme of Utopias Lahti 2023 invites proposals that create possibilities and tools for these getaways. How can utopian visions of alternative futures influence us to act differently in the present and what might these utopias look, feel and sound like? How can artistic processes take part in struggles for change, create solidarity and act as platforms for collective information building, action and care? How can we rethink approaches towards materials in photographic and other artistic practices to separate them from harmful modes of production?

We are looking for works that might question ideological divisions between human and non-human actors, build counter-narratives to seeing the world as a resource and advocate for the political, social and economic equality of all people. We invite artists, researchers, collectives and anyone working with these topics in a visual way to interpret the theme broadly and participate in the call.

The festival is open to proposals in different mediums, but is especially focused on lens-based and/or other medias (eg. photography, video, animation, photogrammetry, 3D, new media). We warmly invite proposals for both finished or in-progress works. We will collaborate with the artist in producing their work for exhibition. Six artists/collectives proposals will be selected in December 2022 by the festival jury for exhibitions at the festival.

The selected artists/collectives will:

• Have their work exhibited at the festival in May 2023
• Receive an exhibition fee of 600 euros page
• Have their work produced for exhibition


To participate in the open call fill out the following information into the form you can find from www.utopiaslahti.com/open-call. The application can be made in English or in Finnish.

• Personal information
• Project description (max. 3000 characters)
• Images from the project (max. 10) in a single PDF file and/or a link to video (Vimeo, Youtube etc.)
• CV in a single PDF file

The form is open 19.9.2022–20.11.2022.
Late applications will not be considered. There are no geographical restrictions for applications.

Filling out the application form requires you to have a Google acount. In case filling out the form is
not possible for you due to this requirement, you are free to send your application with all the above mentioned information as a single PDF file to the address: info@utopiaslahti.com. Include in the PDF a page with the following personal information: name and surename, date of birth, country of residence, email address.

Open Call Jury: Ahmed Al-Nawas Curator and artist / Maija Tammi Artist/ Nimco Kulmiye Hussein Curator / Saara Vauramo Leading expert in nature-positive services and former environmental director of the City of Lahti + Festival team: Henri Airo Artistic Director / Kaisa Syrjänen Exhibition Coordinator

More info: https://utopiaslahti.com/Open-Call

The festival is committed to a zero waste principle, developing and employing alternative ways in exhibition production that are based on circular economies. In collaboration with the artist the festival team will design eco-friendly means of presentation for the work. This may include methods such as the use of recycled materials, eco-friendly materials and processes and/or recycling of the materials used in the exhibition after the festival. The selected artists are required to commit to having their work produced according to the festivals material guidelines.